About Us

Brown family standing in their garlic field.

May you enjoy the “bulbs” of our labors in your kitchen, and know that you are part of an
American family’s dream.

Our Great Great Grandpa, John Brown, bought a 13-acre parcel of good land in Garland, Utah as an investment. His son, Henry and wife, Inez lived there and were more than willing to work the ground for him. Henry had grown up farming, so this lifestyle was one that he loved. The couple lived in a big, old home across the street from the U & I Sugar Factory, where they boarded and fed many factory and railroad workers. Henry eventually bought this farm and taught his son, Dee, how to plow the fields, plant the seeds, weed and water, then reap a harvest. Because of this, Dee stayed too. He built his home and planted his roots in Garland on this good parcel of ground.

The legacy continues as his oldest son, Randy, farms the ground with his children and grandchildren. It’s difficult to calculate the many lessons that can be taught in the process of growing a crop and a family. It’s a way of life where many are needed, valued and appreciated.

We pay homage to those who came before us and rooted themselves on a little 13-acre parcel of farm ground. Their example of hard work, patience and faith are virtues we want our children to value as we work on this same family farm together.

Grown with love.